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About DrinkHRW

Specialised in H2 Dissolvable Tablets


DrinkHRW is one of the most cutting-edge health companies globally. A specialist in the hydrogen water industry, DrinkHRW manufactures a range of products that can help you improve performance or support resilience and recovery. 

The CEO of DrinkHRW, Alex Tarnava, launched the company in response to an illness that hit him in his prime. When Alex learned that he had developed osteoarthritis, a debilitating disease, he ventured out on a journey to heal himself. He discovered the benefits of hydrogen water in mitigating pain and slowing down the damage caused by the disease. DrinkHRW is now working with researchers worldwide, supporting many preclinical and clinical research programs around the health benefits of hydrogen water.

DrinkHRW offers a range of wellness products that help you incorporate the goodness of molecular hydrogen into your day-to-day life. Today, countless athletes, trainers, and coaches endorse DrinkHRW products.

Some of their most popular products include:

–  Hydrogen water tablets that help you create your own hydrogen-rich water, wherever you are. DrinkHRW’s hydrogen water tablets deliver 12.4 ppm in 500 ml of water, which is a lot higher than any other H2 tablet available on the market.

–  The True Performance range offers workout supplements and muscle-building supplements and is targeted at athletes and physically active people.

–  DrinkHRW’s H2 Beauty tablets are the first topical hydrogen product in North America and support both healthy skin and athletic recovery.

–  H2 Relief are bath tablets containing hydrogen and magnesium that can help relieve sprains, aches, and pains.


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