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H2 Inhalation Gas Machines

H2 Countertop & Portable Inhaler Units :
A simple method of administering H2 therapeutically is by inhalation using a ventilator circuit, facemark, or nasal cannula. Patients typically inhale H2 through a facemark, whereas in animal models, H2 is commonly administered through a ventilator that provides H2 electrolysed from water. Inhaled H2 acts rapidly and may be used to treat acute oxidative stress. 

Inhaling 1–4% H2 has demonstrated great efficacy in medical applications, the use of H2 at such low concentrations has been deemed feasible and safe. However, as safety could be a concern the desired concentration of H2 must be monitored and maintained with an approved and commercially available unit.

While inhalation of H2 produces rapid effects, this delivery method may not be practical for daily preventive therapy. H2 inhalation also reportedly protects against hepatic I/R injury. Inhaling high pressure H2 has demonstrated as a treatment for liver parasite infection-induced hepatitis.

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