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Genuine Hx600 Falcon 99.99% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Breathing Machine


  • Product: Genuine Hx600 Falcon 99.99% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Breathing Machine
  • Product SKU: Hx600 Falcon 
  • Manufacturer/Brand: H2 HYDROGEN FOR HEALTH


  • Genuine Hx600 Falcon 99.99% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Breathing Machine 
  • The Hx600 Falcon is a portable molecular hydrogen gas inhaler machine. You can breathe in therapeutic hydrogen gas with a nasal cannula. You can also use the machine to infuse additional hydrogen gas into your water.
  • Using PEM and SPE technology, the machine generates up to 99.99% pure hydrogen gas. You can breathe in this molecular hydrogen through a nasal cannula. The machine is capable of producing 600 ml of hydrogen gas per minute. With a 500 ml bottle of hydrogen water, you can breathe 4000 times.
  • Why do we recommend this product?
  • The HX600 Falcon Hydrogen breathing machine gives you the purest form of hydrogen possible. You not only get pure molecular hydrogen but also oxygen through a separate port in the machine. The auto shut-off feature ensures that the machine shuts itself when water levels are low. At just 27 pounds, it is not very heavy, and can be carried from one room to another with ease.
  • Description:
  • The Hx600 Falcon Molecular Hydrogen breathing machine has an output of 600 ml per minute. You can adjust the flow rate from 10 ml per minute to 600 ml per minute. The digital timer helps you adjust the breathing time from 1 minute to 99 minutes.
  • Besides producing 600 ml of hydrogen gas per minute, the machine also produces 300 ml of oxygen per minute through a separate output port for oxygen.
  • This machine produces 99.99% of pure molecular hydrogen through PEM and SPE technology for electrolysis.
  • You can breathe in therapeutic hydrogen gas simply by attaching a nasal cannula.
  • PEM/SPE technology ensures that high-purity hydrogen gas is produced through the electrolysis of water without using chemicals. The hydrogen produced is 99.99% pure, with stable flow and pressure.
  • The machine’s LED display ensures that you can monitor the hydrogen flow rate, water level, and breathing timer. There are several other safety features that ensure that the machine operates safely.
  • What if you forget to add water? Don’t worry! The machine will automatically shut itself off.
  • You can also use the machine to produce high-concentration hydrogen water, up to 1.3 ppm+, by attaching the diffusion stone. It can make hydrogen water in just a matter of minutes.
  • There is one hydrogen output, which can be split so that two people can use the machine simultaneously. It also comes with one oxygen output. You can combine the two outputs to produce Brown’s Gas.
  • Specifications:
  • – It can reach an output level of 600 ml/minute (max)
  • – Flow rate is adjustable between 10 ml and 600 ml
  • – Run time:
  • · At 300 ml/minute, you get a run time of 4 hours
  • · At 600 ml/ minute, you get a run time of 2 hours
  • · At 200 ml/minute, you get a run time of 99 hours
  • – Timer is adjustable between 1 minute and 99 hours
  • – Delivers 99.99% pure hydrogen
  • – Works with 115v or 120v power
  • – Water type: Distilled water only
  • – Water consumption: 10 ml/hour
  • – Uses SPE-coated DuPont platinum membranes and Titanium plates
  • – Reservoir capacity is 1800 ml with a backlit display
  • – Air purifier/moisturizing reservoir
  • – Dimensions: 14.5x 10.5x 16.5 inches
  • – Weight: 27 pounds
  • – Warranty: 1 year with US repair facility
  • – Outstanding customer support
  • – CE certified
  • The package includes:
  • – H2 machine
  • – 1 water diffusion stone (2 microns)
  • – 4 nasal cannula (7’)
  • – Power cord
  • – User video (Can be downloaded from the website after purchase)
  • Warranty:
  • H2 Hydrogen for Health offers a 60-days, no-questions-asked warranty. You also get a labor and parts warranty for 1 year. You can return the machine within the first 60 days. If the machine breaks down after that, H2 Hydrogen for Health will fix it free of cost for you. Your warranty starts from the day of purchase.
  • Shipping charges, duties, and taxes have to be paid by the customer.
  • The Hx600 Falcon makes use of the latest SPE/PEM technology. It enables the machine to use only distilled water to produce hydrogen without adding any lye to the water.
  • The machine requires no maintenance at all, whether it is cleaning, mixing, or adjusting. It comes with an adjustable gas output so that you can adjust the output according to your weight. You can check the weight to output chart on the back of the machine to know how much hydrogen you need. The machine does not exceed the threshold of 4.7%, ensuring your safety.
  • The Falcon was created by upgrading the HX600SE. The same power supply, PEM generator, and other parts are also used in the Falcon. The HX600 and the HX600SE have been on sale for over two years now, with no cases of failure. We have sold hundreds of Hx600 machines, and the new Falcon is a powerful machine that will last you for many years.
  • How much therapeutic hydrogen gas do you need?
  • You need to check the milligrams per liter when drinking hydrogen water. However, when you breathe in hydrogen, the calculations work differently. You have to understand the gas concentration and the flow rate to determine the dosage.
  • The flow rate tells you how much hydrogen gas is coming out of the machine per minute. A fast flow rate ensures that molecular hydrogen saturates your blood fast and begins working immediately. A higher flow rate delivers hydrogen more efficiently and also ensures minimal loss of hydrogen during the transfer from the machine to your body.
  • According to the latest scientific literature, a flow rate of 120 to 240 ml/minute is recommended to receive the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen gas. The concentration should be around 2% to 4% at a normal breathing rate for the best results.
  • You can check out Tywon Hubbard’s video about “ 4 things you should know about hydrogen gas inhalation” for more information.


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