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About Me

The Moment It All Changed

During those 6 years, I made many friends, but one stood out. She and I connected on many levels, but the biggest connection was we shared our fight together through endless treatments and therapies. As it happens, we lost touch and our treatment paths took us away from each other.

One day many years later we re-connected. She shared with me her journey which included using Hydrogen Rich Water daily. I listened with a modest level of hope. Still, my journey was 6 years long by this point with many medical professionals offering little positivity for this to truly disappear for me. I was cautiously hopeful after this exchange.

I had literally nothing left to lose, and I needed to try something new so, I decided right then and there this was worth a try,

I began using hydrogen Rich Water daily and within 3-5 months of drinking H2, I started observing improvements in my condition. Since then, I’ve progressively improved, and I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve been able to keep the disease at bay for over 4 years now.

I decided to use my story to start a new chapter in life that aims and support our health, by implementing H2 into the daily lives of anyone who longs for a healthier existence in their lives.

My Story…

My name is Tricity, I’m a survivor, I’m a knowledge seeker and most of all I am just like you.

My story has a good ending however when you received the devastating news of a diagnosis like CANCER, your world changes at that moment. Bestowed with the horrible news that I had metastatic breast cancer I immediately felt a profound sense of confusion followed by a panic attack. Life took on a new meaning and for me, at that moment I felt my life as I knew it shattered.

For 6 years I endured endless rounds of treatments and surgeries, I made all the lifestyle adjustments I could however cancer continued to spread like a rollercoaster at lightning speed. My doctors on many occasions needed to deliver the news that my levels rose and sometimes even more devastating than before.


Sharing My Story

By sharing my own experience, I hope to inspire you to take control of your health.

I wish to support the continued awareness and further development of Hydrogen Rich Water in the healthcare industry to the benefit of all. Improving your health in the way it truly deserves by aiding in slowing our short and rapidly diminishing lifespan.

We only have this one life, and we weren’t promised another one, and for some unfathomable reason, ‘I am still here and smiling from my heart.

Looking forward to many tomorrows!

Yours with conviction,


Founder, Hydrogen Water-Health Plus Longevity


Paying It Forward

Cancer is scary, life-threatening and hope-crushing. “I can’t swear that hydrogen water is definitely the cause of my recovery, and I also can’t guarantee that it will work the same or at all for everyone else. However, I choose to believe that regular daily intake of hydrogen in its safe and manageable form played its part in my health as it stands today. I believe hydrogen water helped me regain my health and my life.” Hydrogen Water saved my life and I feel obliged to help anyone else dealing with the same experience. My goal in creating Hydrogen Water-Health Plus Longevity is to provide people with direct access to Hydrogen Rich Water products.

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