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Q-Mist Hydrogen Mister

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  • Product: Q-mist Hydrogen Mister (white or black) 
  • Product SKU: WHM-1803-WH
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Brand: QLife Hydrogen Solutions



Q-mist Hydrogen Mister is a portable facial mister that rejuvenates facial skin on the go. The nanodroplets of natural antioxidant water are quickly and readily absorbed by your skin. Molecular hydrogen helps maximize skin hydration, alleviates inflammation and decelerates the ageing process. 


How does Q-mist Hydrogen Mister work?

Q-mist Hydrogen Mister has a built-in water tank. When you slide down the mister, the electrolysis process begins, generating a lush mist of hydrogen-rich water. Ultrasonic mist technology and vibrations with a frequency of 12,000 times per second rapidly produce hydrogen in concentrations of up to 800 ppb, more than adequate for deep facial exfoliation. Your face receives nanoparticles of hydrogen water that are pure and free of harmful residue. 


What are the benefits of Q-mist Hydrogen Mister?

The facial mister helps cleanse and nourish your face with antioxidant hydrogen water. 

Have burning or stinging skin? Use Q-mist Hydrogen Mister to reduce inflammation and soothe your skin. 

Heading straight to a date after work? Exfoliate with Q-mist Hydrogen Mister to make your skin appear fresh and vibrant. With each exfoliation, you banish free radicals and slow skin ageing little by little. 

Q-mist Hydrogen Mister also supplements other methods to minimize the effects of UV damage, heal sunburn, sanitize skin, and effectively manage acne and other skin concerns. 


Why do we endorse Q-mist Hydrogen Mister?

  • Easy to use
  • Skin health on the go
  • Helps maintain skin health and appearance
  • Helps combat various skin diseases 



  • Molecular Hydrogen water up to 800 ppb & -400 ORP.  
  • Food Grade BPA Free Safe Materials; CE & Rohs certified.
  • High-grade Platinum Titanium Electrode 
  • Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery.
  • Micro USB charging with water-resistant charging cap
  • Working Time: 1.5 hours 
  • Atomization amount: 0.8~1.2 ml/min
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Dimensions: 42*22*122mm (L*W*H); Weight: 60g
  • Water Tank Capacity: 16ml
  • Power Supply: DC5V; Battery Capacity: 500 mAh

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