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Hydrogen Beauty Tablets

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  • Product: Hydrogen Beauty Tablets (40 tablets)
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Mankind has toiled through the ages to find miracle skin health and beauty techniques, from Cleopatra’s supposed donkey milk bathing routine to the Nefertiti neck lifts of today. Now, scientists actively investigating the role of hydrogen water in nourishing the skin from the outside have made pleasant discoveries.

Studies are increasingly pointing to the potency of hydrogen-rich water in enhancing skin health and aesthetics. Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets is a product of this discovery, grounded in scientific studies showing the efficacy of hydrogen-enriched water for skin nourishment.


What are Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets?

Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets create a highly concentrated mix of hydrogen water and release free magnesium ions in water. Just drop a few tablets into a container – your bathtub or a bowl big enough to soak a sheet mask, and you’re good to go!


What are the benefits of Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets?

Hydrogen- and magnesium-rich water benefits your skin in multiple ways.

Helps maintain the skin’s pH

The skin’s pH is mildly acidic. Your skin’s microbiome thrives in this acidic environment, ensuring a healthy balance of skin microorganisms. Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets to help keep your skin at a weakly acidic pH and empower bacteria flora.

Helps alleviate inflammation

Skin inflammation causes burning, stinging and redness while interfering with adequate hydration. Hydrogen-infused water soothes inflamed skin and allows your skin to hydrate more rapidly than with plain water alone, thereby restoring its plumpness and complexion.

Helps overall skin appearance

Free magnesium ions pass through the skin and work at a deeper level to make your skin look and feel better. Transdermal delivery of magnesium is also beneficial in reducing both skin and muscle inflammation and swelling.


Why we endorse Drink HRW Hydrogen Beauty Tablets 

  • Produce high hydrogen concentration
  • Easily absorbed by the skin
  • Support resolution of various skin concerns
  • Easy to use


Usage tips

  • Skin routine: Add 1 tablet to a bowl full of water. Dip disposable facial sheet masks.
  • Skin relaxation: Add 5-7 tablets in a full bathtub and soak.
  • Muscle aches: Drop 1 tablet into 1-3 litres of water and immerse the affected area.


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