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Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water – 30 Pack CAN


  • Product: Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water | High 1.0 to 1.5 ppm Content – 30 Pack
  • Product ASIN: B077VQJHCB 
  • Brand: Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water
  • Manufacturer : Yamanaka Kanzume Co., Ltd.
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Dr Perricone Hydrogen Water High 1.0 to 1.5 ppm Content – 30 Pack

World-renowned board-certified dermatologist, nutritionist and healthy ageing expert Dr Nicholas Perricone is the brainchild behind this unique ready-to-drink hydrogen-rich water. It is an over-achiever compared to other packaged hydrogen water in a few ways! Not only does the water have a higher H2 concentration compared to other brands, but it also retains the health-boosting molecules in water for a minimum of two years. 


What are the benefits?

Hydrogen water is increasingly being included in wellness regimens for its antioxidant property and ability to help the body strengthen its defence against chronic diseases. The potential to fight free radicals also means that adequate hydration with H2 water can have an anti-ageing effect on the body, reflecting on your skin’s elasticity and complexion.

Molecular hydrogen rapidly diffuses into the body’s cells to boost energy production and speed up muscle recovery. This is especially beneficial if you play a sport or work out regularly. 


How to maximize the benefits of drinking Dr Perricone Hydrogen Water?

It is recommended that you drink the water immediately upon opening, preferably directly from the can rather than pouring it into a glass or drinking with a straw. Chilling the water prior to drinking it is also helpful in this regard. 


Why we endorse Perricone Hydrogen Water

  • Hydrogen content: 1-1.5 ppm
  • H2 benefits backed by thousands of studies
  • Retains molecular hydrogen for at least two years 
  • Helps enhance athletic performance
  • It helps keep skin youthful
  • Supports the body’s defence against cellular damage or death
  • Boosts energy
  • Refreshing taste

What you get

  • 8.3 oz cans packaged in 4 packs/cases of 30 cans (12 oz cans packaged in 6 packs/cases of 24 cans)
  • Package dimensions : 9.5 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches; Weight: 1 lb
  • Aluminium container

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