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H2Pro300 99.9% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler Machine w/BG

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  • Product: H2Pro300 99.9% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler Machine w/BG
  • Product SKU: H2Pro300 
  • Manufacturer/Brand: H2 HYDROGEN FOR HEALTH


H2Pro300 99.9% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler Machine w/BG

  • The H2Pro300 machine is equipped with multiple safeguards, including a display for the H2 output flow rate, a breathing timer, and a water level indicator.The machine will alert you that it needs water by sounding an alarm if you neglect to refill it. Using the equipment and the included diffusion stone, you can create hydrogen water with extremely high PPM (1.3 ppm+) concentrations. Produces potable water with a high PPM concentration rapidly.Extremely transportable molecular hydrogen respirator. Ideal for those weighing less than or equal to 150 lbs. Hydrogen nasal cannula breathing. Add hydrogen gas to water.Hydrogen of a purity of 99.9% is produced by this machine, which employs PEM and SPE technologies. To breathe pure molecular hydrogen, simply attach a cannula and turn on the gas. If you breathe in at a rate of 300 mL/min, you’ll take in as much H2 as would be contained in two 500 mL bottles. Mix to make 450 millilitres of Brown’s gas.

    Timer for deep breathing, 1–6 hours. Separate output ports (solid polymer electrolyte) allow the H2Pro 300 to simultaneously generate 300 ml/min of hydrogen gas and 150 ml/min of oxygen gas. Stable flow and pressure can be achieved via electrolysis of chemical-free, pure water. 


Included in the package are: 

The H2Pro300 machine and two 7-foot silicone nasal cannulas, along with a 15-micron water diffusion stone, are included. Plug-in Cord

Video instructions (playable on the site after a purchase)


  • – Maximum production of 300 ml H2 per minute
  • – 150 millilitres of oxygen per minute is the maximum output.
  • – In Browns Gas (ML/min), the maximum production is 450.
  • – Timers ranging from 1 to 6 hours (30-minute intervals)
  • – Extremely high purity (99.9%) H2
  • – You can use either 115 or 220 volts to power it.
  • – Five millilitres an hour of water use
  • – Titanium plates and DuPont platinum SPE-coated membranes are used, and only pure water is used.
  • – Internal medical-grade silicone tubing, a reservoir that holds 1800 ml of water, and a weight of only 13 pounds
  • – It has a US-based service centre and a warranty that’s good for a year and measures 15 by 12 by 12.
  • – Superb assistance for clients


  • – There is a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Guaranteed to work for a whole year, plus one year’s worth of parts. This implies you have 60 days to change your mind after receiving it. After that, for the next 12 months, we’ll fix the machine for free if it breaks. Upon purchase, the warranty period will begin.
  • – Returns accepted within the first 60 days are subject to a 10% restocking fee, to be paid by the customer.
  • – Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.
  • – The H2Pro 300 makes use of cutting-edge SPE/PEM technology, which does NOT call for the addition of lye to the water and instead functions with simply distilled water. Simple cleaning entails emptying the water and refilling it with distilled water once a month.


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