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HydroGenie “Wish”


  • Just Breathe!
  • Product: HydroGenie “Wish”
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Brand: The HydroGenie


  • HydroGenie “Wish”
  • The HydroGenie Wish hydrogen gas generator is a state-of-the-art gas generator designed to give users a comfortable, safe and healthy life. Certified by the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation for its construction quality, ease of use, and visible positive results, it can be used to improve your overall wellbeing, experience relief from pain & discomfort, and replenish essential hydration and nutrients in the body. 
  • The Wish is one of two hydrogen generators developed by The HydroGenie company. Both The HydroGenie and Wish are Brown’s Gas generators, like the Osmio Infinity. They are not PEM/SPE machines. At Hydrogen Water-Health Plus Longevity®, we are one of the largest and most-trusted stockists of the Wish generator. Order your hydrogen generator from us today. 
  • How does the HydroGenie Wish differ from the HydroGenie?
  • The HydroGenie Wish is designed to be used by individuals who want to preemptively introduce the healing power of molecular hydrogen into their lives to experience greater wellbeing.
  • It is a generator that produces half the amount of molecular hydrogen as the HydroGenie, in the same time. The lower gas levels – typically between 2% & 4% inhaler – ensure that you receive the healing benefits of the gas without taking more than necessary. Additionally, the HydroGenie Wish is a budget-friendly generator suitable for people on a tight budget.
  • Why do we recommend the HydroGenie Wish? 
  • * Cutting-edge make and build. 
  • * Powerful and reliable functioning. 
  • * Idea for day-to-day use for improved wellbeing. 
  • * Global shipping at pocket-friendly prices.
  • * Easily replaceable parts. 
  • How does the HydroGenie Wish work?
  • The HydroGenie Wish gas generator produces molecular hydrogen that can be either inhaled, consumed through drink, or applied topically. Research shows their users experience immediate and immense comfort upon usage. The HydroGenie Wish can be used all over the body, including:
  • · Eyes
  • · Ears
  • · Arms
  • · Legs
  • · Joints
  • · Internal organs
  • · Brain
  • · And other parts of the body.
  • The generator comes fully assembled and can be installed and used within minutes.
  • The HydroGenie Wish requires a power of 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz, depending on the model. Just plug it in, pour distilled water into the device, mix in the electrolytes and switch on the generator. In a few minutes, the mixture will produce hydrogen-rich water that can be used to soothe and heal your body.
  • The HydroGenie Wish is capable of delivering between 200ml/min and 350ml/min of mixed gas.
  • What components do you receive?
  • In your HydroGenie Wish generator package, you will receive:
  • · Generator – 1
  • · Nasal Cannulas – 2
  • · Infusion Stone – 1
  • · Application Cup – 1
  • · 6-foot extension hose – 1
  • · Electrolyte packet – 1
  • · Operation Manual (in PDF form) – 1
  • HydroGenie do not provide a power supply or water with the product.
  • **Please note: All sales are FINAL, with the HydroGenie Wish generator. The 60-day trial feature does not apply to this product.
  • A few usage instructions
  • Please note that the HydroGenie Wish gas generator is designed for intermittent usage. The product is capable of running for up to two hours at a stretch before a cooldown is necessary. Please give the product at least 30-60 minutes of cooling between every use until it reaches room temperature. The product does not come with a cooling fan and needs to be only switched off after each use. Please choose the HydroGenie generator if you require a longer usage time.
  • Maintenance & care is simple and similar to the HydroGenie. Just gently wipe down the generator every few weeks. All of the components are easily replaceable once they’re used up (as with electrolytes) or worn out.
  • Warranties
  • HydroGenie offer two warranties for the HydroGenie Wish:
  • · 3 years warranty on the generator
  • · 1-year warranty on the electronics (Ex: switch, power supply)
  • Contact HydroGenie directly to know more. Contact them by email or call and provide the details of your order. 


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