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H2Life Brown’s Gas therapy machine v4.1


  • Product: H2Life Brown’s Gas therapy machine v4.1
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H2Life Brown’s Gas therapy machine v4.1

If you’re looking for a Browns Gas machine, why would you choose the H2Life BG4? The human biological framework inspired the design of our system.

In comparison to other options, it is the safest and results in the cleanest gas. Brown’s gas at a therapeutic level can be produced at a rate of up to 600 ml per minute using the H2Life BG machine.

You can have it up and running in less than 15 minutes because of how simple it is to use. The United States is home to Hydrogen for Health, yet the company’s global reach is extensive. The H2Life BG4 is a product of American ingenuity.


Why do we recommend this product?

  • – The H2Life can generate Hydrogen therapy gas in a matter of minutes.
  • – The H2Life is simple, secure, and convenient to carry anywhere. The 14-pound device’s single handle makes it simple to transport.
  • – The H2Life’s price is among the lowest in the industry.
  • – The H2Life BG machine is built to last for many years of regular use.
  • – Our digital touch screen allows you to select a time duration between 1 and 9999 minutes with ease.
  • – Continuous operation for up to four hours before shutting down to cool. When the maximum temperature is reached, the machine will switch to intermittent gas production mode but can still be operated continuously.

The Results Are In!

  • There are five uses for Brown’s gas:
  • Aerobic exercise boosts oxygen stability, which in turn improves cognitive performance and physical stamina.
  • A more concentrated source of antioxidants than in any meal or dietary supplement.
  • Kills germs in the intestines and promotes metabolic processes in the body; antibacterial.
  • Boosts immunity by increasing the alkalinity of drinking water by over 10%.
  • Absorption: Boosts the body’s ability to absorb water by a factor of over six, improving cellular processes throughout the body.

Model: H2Life BG v4.1

In the newest 4.1 release,

There is now a choice between two gas flow rates (300 ml/min and 600 ml/min). Gas production can no longer be adjusted by the user specifying a specific weight. The countdown timer for scheduled maintenance has been updated. Improved stability thanks to new software updates.

H2Life BG v3.0 & H2Life BG v4.1

Nickle electrodes are brand new in version 4.1: No chromium contamination is possible with the Browns Gas Drycell alkaline electrolyzer. Increased gas flow (up to 600 ml/min). Elegant computer with a touchscreen interface timer for scheduled upkeep. Nighttime dimmable display reduced noise levels thanks to a variable fan speed.

Brand-new upgrades in 3.0: Controllable gas flow rate enhanced gas production frequency modulation. Expanded BG power source and a more robust construction. Larger water storage capacity increased cycle times and improved water-filling access. Ultra-quiet blower, real safeguards against flashbacks. A more manageable blood pressure facilitated servicing and improved dependability.

More on the H2Life v4.1

Hydrogen for Health’s new H2Life BG4 is the cutting edge of the Browns Gas for health industry after 16 years of development. This infrastructure was designed from the ground up with health and human biology at its core. Its primary function is to produce the purest Browns Gas possible, therefore it was created with health in mind from the start.

You can vary the gas flow rate from 300 ml to 600 ml per minute, depending on your body weight, for use with a nasal cannula to facilitate breathing.

  • – Adding hydrogen to water to generate hydrogen water for humans, animals, and plants.
  • – Using the bubbling water as a topical remedy for skin injuries and conditions. Application of bags and cups to the skin.
  • – A nasal cannula is used in conjunction with the H2Life Hydrogen treatment machine to inhale Brown’s gas and EXW (Electrically expanded water). With the diffusion stone that comes with the equipment, you can also create hydrogen water. Many different names have been used to refer to this compound.
  • – Many precautions have been built into this machine.
  • – Plates in the electrolyzer are made of pure medical-grade nickel 200. No stainless steel is used here.
  • – The real deal in terms of Flashback safety (no blasts)
  • – No lye in your bubble bath, just a big, powerful bubbler.
  • – Safety features to prevent water from escaping from the bubbler.
  • – The concentration of electrolytes is so low (5 grams) that it is not considered caustic.
  • – Provides fuel below the 4.7% limit
  • – High-quality medical tubing
  • – Safeguards against excessive voltage.
  • – Guard against excessive current
  • – Safeguards against excessive heat

Safety first!

A lack of electrolytes in the blood: The H2Life BG machine requires an extremely minute amount of lye. The lowest level of any BG machine available at the moment is 5 grammes. The water is not even mildly corrosive at 5 grammes. Lye consumption in competing machines exceeds 110 grammes. Why does this matter? It’s common sense that breathing lye is not a good idea. Scrubbing out the big bubbler is simple and risk-free thanks to our low lye concentration. This alone makes it enticing, and our top priority is obviously its safety.

A lack of stainless steel: The dry cell generator in our electrolyzer is crafted from 100% pure medical-grade Nickle 200. Stainless steel plates aren’t something we utilise. This provides even more assurance and security.

Resulting Gas Pressure Is Safe: You can safely use a nasal cannula with the H2Life because the hydrogen concentration is maintained below the required 4.7% level.

Natural gas: Intense Work Loads Any lye that makes its way into the output gas from the main reservoir tank will be removed by the gas cleansing bubbler. The H2Life BG apparatus has a safety shut-off in case it gets too hot. The BG generator is protected from overheating, and the lye in the output gas remains suspended. The lye can’t escape the storage tank this way!

State-of-the-art gadgetry: The H2Life is not equipped with any sort of water level shutoff mechanism. It has a dry cell generator, which is safer than conventional wet cells. The machine will simply stop functioning if water is no longer present. Overfilling the water wouldn’t be a concern in any case. If any lye were to spill into the bubbler, the quality of the gas would not be affected due to the low concentration. A low water level shut-off is not necessary for a BG generator, contrary to what you may have heard from competing suppliers. They employ a subpar wet cell that will explode if the water level drops too far. Our high-tech, custom-built BG generator can operate reliably in environments with little to no water.

The H2Life BG machine is simple to care for and maintain:

After around 200 hours of use, you should replace the water in the reservoir. Our high-tech computer system will alert you to impending service needs. The BG generator can last longer if the reservoir is regularly cleaned. Our electrolytic cell for the BG generator is guaranteed for life. Every 100 hours of use, you should change the water in your bubbler. Below is a video demonstrating how simple it is to operate and maintain an H2Life. The unit has a built-in drain port for quick and simple cleaning. The generator that uses nickel plates in it is very hygienic. Never again will you have to drain the machine by turning it upside down. It only takes a few minutes to perform routine maintenance.

Included in the package are: 

  • – Brown’s gas machine, complete with bubbler
  • – Pair of Silicone Nasal Catheters
  • – The Diffusion of Ideas, Part I Hydrogen water stainless steel stone (creates very little micro bubbles).
  • – Electrolyte NaOH (lye) for food use 1 standard North American power cord (plug adapter included for overseas orders)
  • – Funnel
  • – Collecting Condensation
  • – Scoop of lye (2.5 grammes)
  • – Drainage tube
  • – Includes a link to a setup video for quick activation.
  • – To keep the H2Life BG machine straightforward and user-friendly, we don’t offer a lot of extras for it.
  • – If you need any more accessories, we can direct you to the stores that sell them.

Quick and simple assembly:

  • – Remove from packaging
  • – Electrolyte- and purified water mixtures work best.
  • – Connect to the wall
  • – Switch on


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