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About Echo Technologies LLC

Specialised in H2 Portable, Home installation machines & Inhalation units

Echo Technologies LLC

When it comes to hydrogen water and EMF protection products, Echo Technologies LLC is one of the foremost names on the market. It was founded by Paul Barattiero, a pioneer in the hydrogen water industry for over 15 years. Echo Technologies LLC is a health and wellness company that is on a mission to empower people to take charge of their health, solving some common health and wellness issues with a scientific approach.

Wellness movements across the globe have continuously stressed the importance of water consumption. There is a growing awareness among people about drinking pure water enriched with nutrients. Echo Technologies LLC produces a wide range of products using specialized technologies that help users transform the way they use and consume water.

Echo Technologies LLC’s Echo Water machines help create hydrogen-rich water that gives your body more than 40 health benefits, including improved energy, cognitive functions, and gut health. There are a variety of options to choose from:

–  The Echo H2 Pitcher and Echo Go are excellent portable options for people who want to make their own hydrogen water while travelling or when they are on the go.

–  For home use, you can install the Echo Ultimate or the Echo H2 Machine so that your entire family has access to hydrogen-rich water.

–  The Echo Clean is your chemical-free cleaning solution to keep your home clean and sanitized.


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