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HyVida gives you a tasty and refreshing way to enjoy your hydrogen water. The company produces sparkling, hydrogen water in three variants- Pure, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry. The 250 ml cans contain zero calories and are unsweetened but packed with flavour. It is a unique concept since not many brands offer sparkling hydrogen-infused water in the market.

Rick Smith, the Co-founder and CEO of HyVida, is the brain behind HyVida’s proprietary hydrogen infusing methods. With a strong background in business strategy, finance, marketing, operations, and sales, Rick has over 20 years of experience helping startups grow into successful enterprises.

The taste of the HyVida drinks is clean and crisp, and the flavoured offerings are light but refreshing. Hydrogen water has no distinctive taste, odour, or smell. It tastes just like your regular water. If you want the benefits of molecular hydrogen but in a tastier format, these HyVida drinks are a must. Hydrogen gas is the most effective antioxidant available in nature. It is naturally occurring and gets easily absorbed in the body. The drinks also contain magnesium, a mineral that calms your body improves clarity, and balances your body functions.

Each can of HyVida contains 1.6 ppm of hydrogen. The patent-pending hydrogen infusing process of HyVida raises the pH level of the water to 5.0. This makes HyVida sparkling water five times less acidic than other sparkling waters available on the market. Since it is a lot less acidic, you get not only a super smooth taste but also less oesophagus burn. HyVida sparkling water is also a lot more gentle on your teeth’ enamel and belly because of its low acidity. All HyVida drinks use certified organic flavours and are GMO-free.


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