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About he HydroGenie

Specialised in H2 Portable, Home installation machines & Inhalation units

The HydroGenie

A considerably huge number of people across the globe suffer from illnesses and pains and look for a life-changing solution. The HydroGenie offers exactly what people need—budget-friendly products with great therapeutic effects. Since its inception in 2016 by Ed Wunder, the company has achieved groundbreaking feats in the hydrogen for health industry by offering genuine hydrogen-infused water and hydrogen inhalation machines.

There’s a wealth of medical and research literature backing the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen. Wunder, who seeks to enhance his own health, based the function of his state-of-the-art molecular hydrogen generator on these benefits as an attempt to optimize the lives of people suffering from various ailments. The HydroGenie’s advanced operating technology undergoes a dedicated and continuous development process, setting it apart from many other hydrogen-generating products in the market. It does not generate hydrogen using magnesium, meaning it shields consumers from the harmful effects that occur due to excessive magnesium intake.

The user-friendly operation and safety aspects of HydroGenie make it one of the most recommendable products in the hydrogen for the health market. Users can ingest hydrogen through three modes: drinking, inhalation, and direct application. The device generates hydrogen gas (HHO/Brown’s gas) on-demand, meaning users can fit it comfortably into their daily busy routine. Each HydroGenie comes with a 1-year warranty for all its electronics components and a 3-year warranty for the main Hydrogen generator. All components of the HydroGenie are fully replaceable if ever it requires service. 

The testimonials of HydroGenie’s users speak volumes about the impeccable customer experience that the brand has created by offering a life-changing product that adheres to the topmost quality and safety standards.


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