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Specialised in H2 Dissolvable Tablets

Water & Wellness

With over 37 years of experience in the water science industry, Water and Wellness is committed to providing effective water quality products accessible to all. The team at Water and Wellness are experienced and highly respected innovators in water filtration and purification technology. The objective of the company is to provide every household with nutrient-rich, toxin-free high-quality water.

Water and Wellness were founded by Robert Slovak, a global water expert and one of the foremost water scientists in the world. Pioneers of reverse osmosis technology development, Slovak’s innovations also include RO water drinking systems, bottled water production, spot-free car washes, hemodialysis, laboratory purification, microchip production, seawater desalination, water vending, and more.

Backed by several decades of experience, Water and Wellness has curated a wide range of products, including:

–  A range of water purification and wellness products to restore nutrients in the water and enhance your overall health.

–  A range of products to remove toxins and contaminants in water, such as Aquatru. Aquatru’s filter lasts for more than six months, whereas other popular pitchers require their filters to be changed every two months or even more. The RO element in Aquatru lasts for over two years.

–  A range of water additives and supplements to address nutritional deficiencies in people. The QuintEssential 0.9 is harvested from plankton blooms and provides 78 minerals necessary to support the immune system.

–  Hydrogen additives that give you the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen. The Active H2 Ultra, Active H2 Chromax, Active Ribose C, Active pHRestore, and H2 relief are hydrogen tablets with several other important minerals that deliver the benefits of molecular hydrogen to your body.


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