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Hydrogen Water – FAQ

What is Hydrogen(h2) Rich Water?

Hydrogen (H2) water is simply pure water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. It has powerful benefits with antioxidant properties.

These molecules may help neutralize oxygen-free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation, and ageing. These atoms are the smallest and most fundamental molecular building blocks of matter, tasteless, odourless, and flammable gas.

What Is Molecular Hydrogen(h2)?

Molecular hydrogen is a molecule, which is a group of two or more atoms that are held together by a chemical bond(s). Molecular hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in our universe because it is composed of only hydrogen atoms. As the first element in the periodic table, hydrogen is the smallest of all atoms.

Molecular hydrogen is composed of only two hydrogen atoms. This exclusive combination of two hydrogen atoms turns molecular hydrogen into a gas. Molecular hydrogen is also commonly called hydrogen gas or represented by the written symbol H2.

Advocating for Healthier Living…

Water is of significant importance to all living things; up to 60% of the human adult body weight comes from water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are nearly 83% water. 

Yet, in truth, most of us do not drink water as much as we should or at all. And so come the ironic questions about why our health is so poor. Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Because your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, it’s important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that incorporate water.

Hydrogen (H2) Water — pain-free, side effects free and tasteless, a deal-breaking starting point for most people, but not yet the full story or touching the surface of multiple health benefits to truly complete the picture. “Hydrogen water is already a huge trend in Japan for many years, where it’s known as “Shin’nooru solution.”

H2 – FAQ

We know that antioxidants are beneficial for both health and beauty. Drinking hydrogen water is scientifically demonstrated to provide fantastic health benefits.  Drinking hydrogen water regularly yields some intriguing effects on human health, penetrating virtually every organ and cell in the body (including the brain, pancreas, heart, liver, eyes, skin, lungs, stomach & colon). It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, weight-loss, and anti-allergy activity reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome. Neuroprotection for various diseases and reducing side effects linked with cancer radiation treatment, reduce oxidative stress that damages cells and DNA and the onset of diseases.  Some of the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water:
  • * Promote brain health & prevent neurodegenerative diseases
  • * Reduce anxiety & mood disorders
  • * Reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits, and muscle degeneration
  • * Prevents metabolic syndrome, reduce blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
  • * Anti-inflammatory
  • * Support Weight loss
  • * Boost energy and stamina
  • * Prevent and inhibit cancer & promote the quality of life of cancer patients
  • * Promote skin collagen, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation
  • * Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • * Promote better cognitive function, rebuild eyes, better vision & prevent hearing loss
  • * Combat Allergies
  • * Treat eczema, psoriasis
  • * Better oral health
  • * Accelerate wounds’ healing
  • * Promote athlete’s performance, and reduce lactic acid build-up that causes sore muscles.

In 2007, a team in Japan discovered that inhaled hydrogen gas could act as an antioxidant and protect the brain from free radicals. Inhaling H2 gas supported lucid and attentiveness in the brain while helping prevent mental and cognitive illnesses. As one of the best antioxidants, it selectively neutralizes the most harmful free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.
  • * It helps regulate and prevent mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.
  • * It helps regulate and prevent neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  • * Hydrogen stimulates the release of the hormone Ghrelin, which boosts mental focus and clarity.
Obviously, as this technology has not been around long enough to allow for conclusive long-term research, all current testimonials, research and signs are pointing in the right direction to the potential of longevity levels in human lifespans. Hydrogen neutralizes hydroxyl radicals, which are among the most dangerous radicals from oxidative stress, thus reducing the leading cause of disease in 170 models. Hydrogen helps regulate and prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases.
  • * Speeds up recovery times for damages to the skin, such as cuts and bruises
  • * Reduce skin issues and ageing effects
  • * Increase your health by decreasing your recovery time.

Because of stress, illness, pesticides, and poor dietary choices, the gut and immune system weaken to 20% functionality. 70%-80% of the immune system is housed in the stomach, the perfect environment for maintaining healthy immune system bacteria, linking many health issues to poor gut function.
  • * The electric potential in Echo hydrogen water repairs and restores the gut, bringing the immune system back to full strength.
  • * Hydrogen water helps improve food intolerances and allergies.
Reviews on the potential Influences… Cancer is rampant in most countries, contributing to a high mortality rate. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the standard treatment protocol is either surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy or all of these. Sometimes the success rates are extremely low. Daily consumption of hydrogen-rich water is a potentially novel, therapeutic strategy for improving QOL after radiation exposure. Consumption of h2 reduces the biological reaction to radiation-induced oxidative stress without compromising anti-tumour effects; as confirmed by NCBI.

Does it interfere with the Chemotherapy Drugs – Cytotoxic?

No. Infect, it helps minimize the side effect. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Cytotoxic means toxic to cells. Cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs disrupt the way cancer cells grow and divide.
  • * As some of us are aware, chemotherapy drugs can cause some gruesome side effects to all cells, particularly to some healthy cells in the body. H2 supported the healthy cell's recovery from the damage caused by chemotherapy.
  • * The same applies to Radiotherapy, which uses high-energy rays, such as X-rays, to treat cancer that destroys cancer cells in the targeted areas of cancerous growths.
  • * However, cancer cells cannot recover after either chemo or radiotherapy treatments, as they eventually die. 
Molecular Hydrogen (h2) is the best antioxidant for patients with cancer because h2 selectively neutralizes the bad ROS without interfering with the drug efficacy. Besides, h2 consumption is absolutely safe even at higher dosages. After scavenging the ROS, h2 becomes water and must be removed by the body naturally.
H2 has the potential to reduce the side-effect of cancer therapy, and suppress cancer cells and invasions while protecting healthy cells:
  • * H2 has been shown to suppress VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), a key mediator of tumour angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels) by reducing excessive ROS (oxidative stress) and through the downregulation of ERK (key growth factor needed for cellular division).
  • * It has been shown that cancerous cells have a higher expression of MMP genes leading to tumour invasion and tumour angiogenesis. H2 has been shown to reduce tumour invasion and tumour growth and because of this effect, H2 has been shown to have anti-tumour effects.
  • * “ERW- Electrolysed Reduced Water or hydrogen water causes telomere shortening in cancer cells and suppresses tumour angiogenesis by scavenging intracellular ROS and suppressing gene expression and secretion of the vascular endothelial growth factor

H2 is non-toxic, inexpensive, easily administered, and can readily diffuse into tissues and cells:
  • * It is 88 times smaller than vitamin C, it can cross the blood-brain barrier, is anti-inflammation and is anti-cancer.
  • * Accumulating evidence has shown that Electrolysed Reduced Water or commonly known as alkaline ionized water infused with rich dissolved hydrogen has shown remarkable health benefits. This is because of the capability of dissolved hydrogen to suppress oxidative stress that causes chronic inflammation and contributes to diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases and all other chronic diseases.
Need an extra energy boost? Drink hydrogen water instead of reaching for a caffeine fix.  Hydrogen signals your cells to produce more ATP, or natural energy, meaning you won't need to rely on caffeine. Also works as a signal modulator, regulates lactic acid, increases metabolism, and supports weight loss.
  • * Signals mitochondria to produce more ATP, creating more energy
  • * Increases metabolism and helps with weight loss 
  • * Allows you to work out longer and more often, with less fatigue and stiffness 
  • * Protects your cells from oxidative stress, which can damage mitochondria and lower energy levels
Slowing the ageing process (including its effects on your skin), and even speeding muscle recovery after a workout. When you drink hydrogen water beforehand a workout, you’ll find that after your workout you’re nowhere near as tired. Tempting and encouraging you to keep it going. Challenging yourself to “safely and cautiously” push your standard boundaries a bit more than before, feeling that burn in the morning but feeling so proud of yourself more than anything.
Absolutely! Hydrogen gas is NOT a foreign substance but it is natural to the body because, after a fibre-rich diet meal containing fruits, vegetables etc, we produce hydrogen ourselves every day, as our gut bacteria can produce litres of hydrogen daily. This is due to the production of H2 by our gut flora (gut bacteria). There is a constant battle inside our body based on too much high oxidative stress levels, with very little H2 to defend it and eventually leading to all numbers of degenerative diseases!
  • * Everyone, including children, is exposed to oxidative stress, which has been linked to the pathogenesis of nearly all disease conditions, including cancer. Consuming water infused with molecular hydrogen is precisely what our society must aid in the fight against degenerative diseases. Hundreds or more of thousands of clinical papers validated the health benefits of hydrogen water. It can benefit all organs in the body as molecular hydrogen can cross the blood-brain barrier, selectively neutralize the damaging ROS/freer radicals and become water to be eliminated from the body.
  • * Like alkaline water, the Food and Drug Administration recognises hydrogen water as safe. However, there is no set standard on the amount of hydrogen that should be added to water or how much hydrogen water needs to be consumed to reap its potential benefits.
What is so special about these types of water? It can be challenging to tell the marketing hype from the evidence. Is hydrogen water more popular? Does alkaline water offer more evident benefits? It can certainly be confusing if you’re trying to identify the best ways to look after yourself and your family when there is so much contradictory and sometimes conflicting information out there!
Are They The Same?
  • * Not exactly. Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water differ in a single major way. While alkaline water seeks to use higher pH to treat issues in the body, Hydrogen Water fights the basis of all illnesses, ageing, and disease oxidation stress and inflammation.
  • * Hydrogen-rich water can be neutral or even acidic in pH. Alkaline water is water with more than pH7 but may not consist of any dissolved hydrogen. This refers to alkaline water that is created artificially by adding alkaline minerals. Hydrogen water simply means water with free hydrogen to act as antioxidant properties to scavenge damaging ROS!
Yes. Hydrogen-rich water’s only intention is to help maintain a suitable oxidation level for overall good health for all ages and health conditions. It has no contraindications
Pregnant Women:
There is no evidence that hydrogen is toxic to organisms. Hydrogen has significant resistance to cell mutations caused by ionizing radiation, therefore, pregnant women drinking h2-rich water can protect the foetus from radiation damage thereby protecting the normal development of the foetus. Continuously drinking h2-rich water, improves immunity to prevent pregnant women from catching colds and fevers, and avoid taking medication. H2-rich water can also prevent urinary diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension, and tissue repair effects can promote pregnant women’s postpartum recovery. If drunk continuously from before pregnancy to early pregnancy h2-rich water can also significantly reduce pregnancy reactions, namely nausea and vomiting, complete disappearance after two or three days of regular consumption.
The Elderly will need to watch their water intake as the active thirst components in the body can start to malfunction during old age. Hydrogen molecules such as hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen-rich saline or hydrogen inhalation exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Many studies confirm that h2 stimulate energy metabolism to reduce neuronal damage.   As we age neurodegenerative diseases gradually lead to motor and cognitive disorders. Alzheimer’s disease is known to be the most common neurodegenerative disease. Therefore, a large number of researches have been carried out to confirm that hydrogen plays favourably with effects in gastric diseases, eye injury, acute pancreatitis, urinal system diseases, skin disease, mental diseases, traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease. In view of this its safety for all ages has received particular worldwide attention.
Simple, you should continue under the same guidelines equal to the amount you are “meant” to drink if we were referring to just regular tap water. Generally, there are many different opinions on how much water we should be drinking every day: 
  • * Health officials customarily suggest eight 8-ounce glasses, which equal roughly 2 litres or half a gallon. Although there have really been no science or official regulations behind the 8×8 rule, it is completely objective.
  • * That said, certain circumstances may call for increased water intake e.g., excessive sweating during exercise and hot weather conditions, particularly in dry climates, breastfeeding, as well as several disease states like vomiting and diarrhoea.
At the end of the day, no one can tell you exactly how much water you need. Like most things in life, this depends on the individual on a case-by-case basis.
  • * Slow and cautious experiments are always advised to see what works best for you. Some people may function better with more water than usual.
  • * The worst-case scenario — others only result in more frequent trips to the bathroom or feeling overly stuffed to the brim, unable to eat or move about freely until the stomach has settled and the water has been observed in the body properly.
Over excessive amounts of water in one go is not advised, unless you are practising a morning ritual intake of 2-4 cups of water for the sole intention of allowing your body to rehydrate for better digestion to aid with constant movements of the lower bowels “before breakfast” day by day.
  • * “Personally, I’ve been practising this routine for over 15 years, after it was recommended to me by my former manager”. She had been doing this religiously for most of her adult life.  I find it the best wake-up call for my body’s overall systems 1 hour before breakfast!
This practice is introduced slowly into your morning routine from 2 cups until your stomach is fully comfortable to increase the extra cups.

However, this should not be attempted unless first advised by your Doctor!

Every person’s needs and concerns are different. Some might be happy with a full-fledged home installation system however, some might need portable solutions since they are barely ever home. No matter what your requirement is, your supply of hydrogen water can be customized according to your whims and fancies easily.
  • * Home-based Hydrogen Water Generators
  • Home countertop & under-counter installers
  • If you are looking for a home installation, this one is the way to go. These Hydrogen water systems are more expensive than the portable options however, they are also highly sophisticated and more powerful. Your general home health care functions are all taken care of in one single go.
  • H2 Countertop & Portable Inhaler Units :
  • A simple method of administering H2 therapeutically is by inhalation using a ventilator circuit, facemask, or nasal cannula. Patients typically inhale H2 through a facemask, whereas in animal models, H2 is commonly administered through a ventilator that provides H2 electrolysis from water. Inhaled H2 acts rapidly and may be used to treat acute oxidative stress. 
  • Inhaling 1–4% H2 has demonstrated great efficacy in medical applications, and the use of H2 at such low concentrations has been deemed feasible and safe. However, as safety could be a concern the desired concentration of H2 must be monitored and maintained with an approved and commercially available unit.
  • While inhalation of H2 produces rapid effects, this delivery method may not be practical for daily preventive therapy. H2 inhalation also reportedly protects against hepatic I/R injury. Inhaling high-pressure H2 has been demonstrated as a treatment for liver parasite infection-induced hepatitis.
  • * Hydrogen Water On-The-Go Generators
  • Portable water generator bottles/cups & cans
  • You will be provided with a fertile basin smart hydrogen generator bottle/cup unit along with a USB connector. This instantly transforms any water into hydrogen water within 3-4 minutes. It’s recommended to use these products only with normal temperature or cold water. Using warm water can damage the product because of the heat.
  • * On-the-go miniature alternatives
  • Hydrogen Water Supplement Tables 
  • You can also choose to enjoy the benefits of Hydrogen water by dissolving molecular hydrogen tablets in water. These are sold as supplements as well as Aluminium Pack Hydrogen water to achieve more elevated levels of performance during vigorous exercise. Tip: Drinking hydrogen water with a dash of turmeric can increase Hydrogen in the body.
  • * Other alternatives
  • For added health benefits
  • Apart from these traditional options, you can also choose to go for non-traditional alternatives. They can be used as your standalone source of Hydrogen water or as an additional source. The options include taking a bath in Hydrogen water, intravenous injections of Hydrogen-rich hypertonic saline, or Hydrogen vapour inhalation at a concentration of 1-4%.
If you're wondering what they are and how they're different from each other, you've come to the right place. In this article, we take you through the detailed difference between these two types of water. We also recommend which one you need to consume – and more importantly, where you can get it.
  • See the full article here

Drink To A Healthier Way Of Living

Antioxidants are powerful elements that can bring forth numerous health benefits. They help boost the quality of life and enable us to lead healthier, happier, and more holistic lives. Hydrogen water is just normal water. However, the twist here is that it has extra hydrogen molecules added. Hydrogen molecules are antioxidants and their increased presence in regular drinking water can provide your body and mind with numerous antioxidant benefits.

Since its discovery over two decades ago in Tokyo, Hydrogen Water has made drinking water more intriguing and attractive. Something that is changing people’s lives with zero side effects and a possible longevity factor. It doesn’t weigh what the ailment is, drinking hydrogen water is one of the best, most effective and natural paths to enjoy vibrant health. This is especially crucial at a time when dangerous chemicals can be found in the very air we breathe, in the food we eat, and in the water we drink.

Investigatory studies have been conducted in over 200 different human and animal disease models where it was found that Hydrogen Water possesses compelling and miraculous therapeutic potential. This has been verified in over 700 scientific articles and studies. 

These studies have also found that extra Hydrogen molecules in your regular water are not foreign substances. These molecules thrive naturally in our gut and their addition to water brings several anti-ageing, anti-inflammation, disease prevention and treatment benefits.

Since it is neither a foreign substance of concern nor an external drug that’s added to water, Hydrogen water is safe for people of every age, gender, race or medical history. Whether you are trying to revitalize yourself in preparation for fighting a deadly disease or just want to add more wholesome goodness to your life, Hydrogen water is the perfect addition to your lifestyle and dietary choices.

“Start Your Hydrogen Health Journey Now”

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