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Hydrogen Water vs Kangen Water®, what’s the difference?

Water is more than just something you drink to alleviate your thirst. A very integral part of your well-being, the quality of the water you drink can affect your lifelong health. At Hydrogen Water-Health Plus Longevity®, we believe that everyone should have access to the best water every day. That’s why we are associated with the leading suppliers of H2 products from around the world. 

In this article, we talk about two specific types of water that are incredibly popular in the market, and we let you know which one is safer and of better quality, for you to consume. 

The Hydrogen and Kangen water debate

When it comes to safe and nutrient-rich water, you may have heard of new “types” of water available in the market. Two of them, Hydrogen Water and Kangen Water®, have been making the rounds quite frequently these days.

If you’re wondering what they are and how they differ, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we take you through the detailed difference between these two types of water. We also recommend which one you need to consume – and more importantly, where you can get it.

But before we get started with these two types of water, let us understand water ionization.

What is ionized water?

Depending on where it is sourced from, drinking water can have different pH values. The pH value of water refers to the amount of free hydrogen and hydroxyl radicals present in the water. If the water has a pH value of 0-7, it is considered as being acidic. If it has a pH value of 7, it is considered neutral. If the pH value of water is 7-14, it is considered alkaline.

Typically, in undistilled water – or tap water – the lower pH levels (under 6.5) may sometimes indicate the presence of more pollutants, which increase the level of chemicals and dirt in the water. This is what makes the tap water acidic – or filled with unhealthy pollutants/acids. In order to make drinking water safe, its pH level needs to be increased. That’s where ionization comes in.

Ionized water is any drinking water sent through an ionization machine. These machines contain special electrolytes that are designed to modify the pH value of the water to make it safer and more nutritious to consume. During the ionization process, the water’s pH values are increased, making it more alkaline. Now, ionization machines can make acidic water too. Have you ever purchased sparkling water? That’s an example of potable acidic water.

Both Hydrogen Water and Kangen Water® are two types of ionized water. But they are slightly different in their chemical composition. While Kangen Water® is a form of branded alkaline water, hydrogen water refers to any water that has dissolved hydrogen in it.

But before we get into the differences between the two, let’s look at each in a little more detail.

What is Kangen Water®?

Kangen Water® is a type of alkaline water that is produced, branded, and sold by the company, Enagic. The word Kangen is Japanese for “return to the origin,” which refers to the brand’s stance that the earth’s natural waters are rich in minerals and alkaline in nature.

Over the years, more people have been leaning towards drinking alkaline water. This is mainly because research shows that alkaline water is better for our well-being compared to acidic water. This is because its composition makes it better able to neutralize the acidic foods we consume and which may cause us gastrointestinal discomfort and other illnesses.

Other benefits of alkaline water are:

-· It infuses the body with natural minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and others.

-· It helps deactivate the protein that causes acid reflux.

-· It helps reduce high blood pressure and the presence of bad cholesterol.

-· It helps combat and manage diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels.

-· It increases blood circulation in the body and increases the availability of nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to all of our organs.

-· It has anti-ageing properties.

Enagic’s Kangen Water® was created to leverage these benefits of alkaline water. When it comes it its pH levels, Kangen Water® has a pH between 8.5 and 11. 

What is Hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is distilled with extra hydrogen infused to supercharge it with dissolved molecular hydrogen. Extra hydrogen is added to the water to improve the nutrition and safety of the water consumed.

Hydrogen water is very diet-friendly because it has zero calories, zero fat, zero carbohydrates, and zero proteins. Depending on where you source your water from, your bottle of hydrogen water will contain various essential nutrients and minerals, such as :

-· Potassium

-· Vitamin A

-· Calcium carbonate

-· Vitamin C

-· Sodium Sulfate

-· Magnesium sulfate

-· ….amongst others.

Intensive research has shown that hydrogen water offers numerous health benefits when consumed.

-· Hydrogen water is anti-inflammatory and can reduce inflammation in our tissues and joints.

-· It is rich in antioxidants and can help clear your body of the free radicals and toxins inside.

-· It prevents blood lactate elevation during exercise/sports and stimulates faster muscle and bone recovery after intense physical activity.

-· It reduces oxidative stress in the body and prevents premature ageing, and even gives people greater protection against diseases like cancer.

-· It has been shown in one research that drinking hydrogen water helps cancer patients better manage the symptoms of radiation therapy.

-· It stimulates enzyme activity at a cellular level and increases energy production in the body.

-· It increases our metabolism, helping combat high BMI and obesity.

All of the above benefits show why hydrogen water is so good for us. Drinking hydrogen water every day can help us recover from cellular-level injuries, boost our energy, and also improve our quality of life.

These benefits include the following:

Differences between Hydrogen Water and Kangen Water®

When we compare Hydrogen Water and Kangen Water®, it feels like the two are on an even footing when it comes to the health benefits they offer. But, there are a few differences between both of them, which makes one better than the other.

Let’s take a look at what these differences are:

Nutrient richness

When it comes to which type of water has more nutrients, alkaline water, by its nature, has more minerals and vitamins in its composition. But, when it comes to the nature of these nutrients, it’s important to remember that Kangen Water® includes its own proprietary blend of minerals and vitamins – some of which are artificially added to the water to enrich its nutritional value.

Now, the problem with this is that while the natural nutrients in the water are good for the body, added nutrients can actually lead our bodies to take in more minerals and vitamins than necessary – making it unsafe.

When it comes to hydrogen water, there are no new minerals added to the water during formulation. Only molecular hydrogen is dissolved into regular drinking water, enriching it with the power of hydrogen while maintaining the natural nutrient balance in the water.

Physical reactions & safety post-consumption

When considering which water is better to consume – Hydrogen Water or Kangen Water® – we need to also check how safe both are after drinking.

If you drink just a glass or two of Kangen Water® a few times a week, you may not experience any side effects. But, if you drink Kangen Water® throughout the day, you risk raising your body’s pH balance too much. This is because of its high alkaline content.

Over a period of a few months, you’ll notice symptoms such as dry skin and dermatological irritation because of the high alkalinity in your body. High alkaline presence may also cause conditions like tingling sensations or twitching in the muscles, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal issues, and a reduction in calcium content in the body, leading to weakened bone health. Some studies published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences also show how high alkalinity in the blood can damage myocardial tissue. Additionally, there is also some research in the International Journal of Experimental Pathology, which states that regular and consistent exposure to alkaline water may lead to stunted growth.

Now coming to Hydrogen water, many scientists and doctors have confirmed that there is no threat from consuming Hydrogen water every day. In fact, some researchers believe that by infusing molecular hydrogen into water, we are only alleviating the richness and health of potable water. In fact, under FDA guidelines, hydrogen water has a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) tag too – further proving its safety post-drinking.

When it comes to how much hydrogen water you can drink, studies show that you can safely drink up to three litres of hydrogen water every day. In fact, even a single glass of hydrogen water is sufficient to regulate your body’s oxidation levels.

Micro clustering

One of the most popular claims you may have heard about ionized water is that it has microclusters. This is a claim even Kangen Water® makes. But what exactly is “micro-clusters”?

Well, water molecules bond in the form of clusters. The larger the size of the clusters, the longer it takes for your cells to absorb the molecules. Kangen Water® and other alkaline water brands claim that their water has micro clusters, i.e., clusters of molecules that are smaller in size than form in regular drinking water. In this case, Kangen Water® claims its structure contains a molecular cluster of just 506 molecules, as opposed to the regular 15-20 molecules. In turn, this small-sized cluster entails that Kangen Water® is easier for your cells to absorb and has a quicker reaction time, helping heal your body.

Hydrogen water, on the other hand, doesn’t have microclusters; companies specializing in hydrogen water don’t make claims of microclusters. While this does make Kangen Water® look like the better option, there is limited evidence to show that microclusters exist in alkaline water.

In fact, in one study by pro-ionization researchers, it was observed that there was no difference in clustering between ionized alkaline water and other types of potable water. Additionally, other studies have shown that water molecules have a natural tendency to cluster around any new molecules that are added to the water. In different experiments, it was absorbed how micro clusters naturally formed when micro pieces of silica and calcium were introduced into the water. In fact, so high is water’s molecular propensity to cluster that one study even found the formation of a massive 280 molecules cluster in the shape of an icosahedron network!

So, when it comes to micro clustering and its touted health benefits – research has shown that it just doesn’t hold water.

Verdict – What should you drink?

Considering the above differences, it’s safe to say that hydrogen water is a safer variant of drinking water. While Kangen Water® is popular, there is growing research to show that alkaline water, in general, isn’t very safe for long-term consumption.

Hydrogen water, on the other hand, is safe, and healthy, and has been found to offer prominent and lasting health benefits.

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