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Echo H2 Water Generator Units | Echo Technologies LLC

Echo Technologies LLC

The Echo products offer different types of water: hydrogen, alkaline, filtered, and acid water. also allows the touch screen to have other language options to customize the machine just for you. Enjoy the best hydrogen water solution units on the go or full installations within your home now!

Echo H2 Machine™

Echo H2 Machine is an excellent water purifier, making your tap water safe for consumption.

Echo UltimateT

Echo Ultimate is the world’s first machine to produce four types of water: hydrogen, alkaline, acid and filtered.

Echo H2 Server

Echo H2 Server is a compact unit that enhances filtered drinking water with antioxidant hydrogen.

Echo Pitcher

Echo H2 Pitcher makes hydrogen water, a novel antioxidant that keeps your body’s internal environment humming nicely.

Echo Go

The Echo Go help you get your fill of antioxidant water on the go and is a good way to explore the wellness potential of hydrogen water.

Echo Clean™

The ground-breaking, multi-purpose cleaner is 80 times more effective than bleach and is a powerful microbicidal.

Echo RO

An Echo RO water purifier is perhaps the single most important investment you can make for your family’s health. Of the many water purifier models in the market, Echo RO stands apart for its ability to remove a range of contaminants from water.

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