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W&W Active H2 + Chromax

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Maintaining a healthy body, mind and quality of life is a sum of many factors and lifestyle choices. W&W Active H2 + Chromax tablets support your overall well-being and enhance your body’s ability to remain in top shape. 


How does W&W Active H2 + Chromax work?

The dissolvable tablets deliver hydrogen, chromium, magnesium and other carefully chosen natural minerals to provide whole-body benefits. The patent-pending formulation has been conceived to help combat a wide variety of stressors that affect the body on a daily basis. 


What are the benefits of W&W Active H2 + Chromax?

The tablets’ active ingredients support a range of bodily functions to improve performance, fight off dreaded lifelong diseases, and enhance your quality of life. They work synergistically to reduce inflammation, keep your metabolism throttling, crush fatigue and aid faster sport/workout recovery. 

Hydrogen molecules rapidly diffuse into cells and tissues without interfering with the body’s natural redox balance. They selectively reduce strong oxidants so the body can fight off free radicals and prevent cellular and DNA damage. Chromium has been seen to promote the movement of blood sugar from the bloodstream into cells for energy production. Magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. 

W&W Active H2 + Chromax boosts energy production, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, alleviates aches and pain quickly, and strengthens your body’s ability to ward off chronic diseases. 


Why we endorse W&W Active H2 + Chromax

  • Whole-body benefits
  • Performance and energy booster
  • Fights the effects of various stressors on the body
  • Natural minerals 


Usage tips

Dissolve a tablet in 12-14 oz of water. The tablet will dissolve within minutes. For best results, use room temperature water and consume immediately.


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