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Echo H2 Server™


  • Product: Echo H2 Server™
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  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Brand: Echo Technologies LLC


Echo H2 Server 

Echo H2 Server is a compact unit that enhances filtered drinking water with antioxidant hydrogen. It connects to an existing filtration system or a reverse osmosis (RO) system (the ultimate in water filtration!) and enriches your water with 1.5 ppm of hydrogen gas. The unit has an oxygen-reduction potential (ORP) of -400 to -500mV, making water more anti-oxidizing, which is associated with anti-ageing, colon cleansing, immune support, weight loss and enhanced hydration. 


How does Echo H2 Server work?

Echo H2 Server connects to your home’s existing filtration system. It has an internal pump that produces 1.3 litres of water every minute. It can connect simultaneously with your countertop faucet and your refrigerator. Echo H2 Server is placed under the sink and can connect to an existing faucet or the Echo RO faucet if you have this four-filtration water purification unit. To get the unit working, plug in its electrical cord to an electrical outlet. 


What are the benefits of Echo H2 Server?

Echo H2 Server fortifies your clean drinking water with hydrogen molecules that studies have shown as being able to exert antioxidant effects on the body. Hydrogen is unique in that it selectively targets strong oxidants and reduces oxidative stress. In doing so, H2 water strengthens your body’s defence against cellular and DNA damage, which contribute to ageing and play a role in the development of various health conditions such as diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. 

Antioxidant water produced by Echo H2 Server can offer a simple path to better health. Hydrogen water and inhalation therapy are already mainstream wellness solutions. Increasingly, they’re being facilitated by new-gen devices from the comfort of homes. 


Why we endorse Echo H2 Server 

  • A compact unit that fits small spaces
  • Easily connects to existing filtration system 
  • Many health benefits of antioxidant H2 water
  • Maintains the pH of drinking water
  • Maintains purity of filtered drinking water



  • Dimensions: 9.125 × 3.4375 × 9.625 in; Weight: 5.65 lbs 
  • 1.5 ppm of hydrogen gas 
  • ORP of -400 to -500mV
  • Requires pre-filtration 
  • Five-year defects warranty


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