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H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm


  • Product: H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm
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  • Manufacturer : IONFARMS | Brand: H2CAP


H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm

Compact but comparable to larger hydrogen water generators in performance. That’s H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm for you. Its package includes a descaler and leather pouch for easy and safe carrying. 


How does it work?

Like all hydrogen water generators, H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm uses electrolysis to separate hydrogen and oxygen in any type of potable water. The difference is that it uses the world’s first 9-layer system with a platinum proton exchange membrane (PEM) and patented cross-mesh electrode. In layman’s terms, the product makes 99.9% pure molecular hydrogen of concentrations exceeding 1000 ppb in just three and a half minutes. 

Automatic cleaning reminder makes light work of maintaining the product. As the package includes a descaler, you can remove the scale as and when needed. 


What are the benefits?

Water is an essential nutrient and drinking 9-13 cups a day keeps you nicely hydrated. Incorporating hydrogen-rich water into your daily routine carries several health benefits. Studies show that molecular hydrogen helps the body counteract free radicals and offers protection against chronic diseases. H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm is super compact, making it ideal to carry along on your daily outings and replenishing with antioxidant water to boost energy, metabolism and immunity. 


Why we endorse H2CAP Plus Silver Set Package 28mm

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Shatter-resistant
  • 99.9% pure hydrogen
  • Quick operation
  • Easy to use 
  • Accepts all types of potable water
  • Automatic cleaning reminder
  • Includes descaler 
  • No ozone or chlorine residue 
  • Certified by Japan Hydrogen Water Association 


  • Dimensions : 7.3 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches; Weight: 1.4lb (635g)
  • BPA-free Triton Bottle
  • 28mm neck size
  • Capacity: 17oz/500 ml
  • Hydrogen concentration: 1000 PPB to 1500 PPB
  • ORP: -400mV to -800mV 
  • A two-chamber 9-layer system with Platinum PEM ( proton exchanging membrane ) and Platinum Titanium electrode
  • Automatic LED alarm system
  • Descaler, test kit, and pouch included
  • RoHS, KC, CE and JHPA compliant

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