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HydroGenie incl. Parts pack


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  • Product: HydroGenie and Parts Pack
  • Product SKU: HG-1+Accessories
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Brand: The HydroGenie


  • HydroGenie and Parts Pack
  • The HydroGenie and Parts Pack is a specialized gas generator that has been designed to use on various parts of the body – including the external organs and the internal organs and joints. It has been certified for safety and quality by the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation. 
  • Designed by reputed manufacturers – The HydroGenie – this gas generator is known for its quick installation, easy application, and seamless maintenance. The HydroGenie company manufactures two different Brown’s Gas generators – The HydroGenie and Wish – which are like the Osmio Infinity. They are not PEM/SPE machines. 
  • Where can it be used?
  • The HydroGenie and Parts Pack have been created to help customers experience a better quality of life and relief from pain through access to controlled and safe hydrogen. This product can be used for the entire body, either through inhalation, consumption, or by direct application on the affected part of the body.
  • If using through inhalation or consumption, the HydroGenie and Parts Pack can really benefit your: 
  • · Internal joints
  • · Internal organs
  • · Brain
  • If using through direct application, the HydroGenie and Parts Pack can be used on your:
  • · Limbs
  • · Eyes
  • · Ears
  • · Skin
  • · …and other parts of the body.
  • Our research has proven that this product yields significant positive results no matter how you choose to use it.
  • How does the HydroGenie and Parts Pack work?
  • The HydroGenie and Parts Pack generator works by using the electrolytes provided to increase the molecular hydrogen level in the water you drink. When the generator is switched on, it starts the process of electrolysis. The gas formed as a result constitutes 2:1 Hydrogen:Oxygen. So, for every 400ml glass of water you use, you will consume 267ml of hydrogen and 133ml of oxygen.
  • The HydroGenie and Parts Pack run on a power supply of 110/120v or 220/240v, depending on the model (with no need for a transformer). You can fill up to 850ml of water in the generator at a time.
  • Why do we endorse HydroGenie and Parts Pack machine
  • * Premium-quality products
  • * Budget-friendly generator. 
  • * Perfect for extensive, constant usage. 
  • * Easily replaceable parts. 
  • * Warranty for generator and electronic components 
  • * Worldwide delivery. 
  • What do you get as part of the HydroGenie and Parts Pack?
  • The HydroGenie and Parts Pack is a compact and portable product with the following dimensions:
  • Weight 13 lbs | Size 18.5 × 10 × 17.5 in
  • With the HydroGenie and Parts Pack, you will receive the following components:
  • · Generator – 1
  • · Water Infusion attachment – 1
  • · Application Cup – 1
  • · Nasal Cannulas – 2
  • · 6-foot Extension Hose – 1
  • · Electrolyte Packet – 1
  • · Operation Manual – 1
  • What is excluded from the HydroGenie and Parts Pack?
  • The HydroGenie does not provide the following items, and customers must make arrangements for the same:
  • · Water supply
  • · Power supply 
  • Care and maintenance
  • One of the best parts about the HydroGenie and Parts Pack is that it can run 24/7, 365 days of the year, non-stop. There is no specialized daily care, but customers can choose to unplug the machine and give it a gentle rub down every few weeks.
  • All of the components of the HydroGenie and Parts Pack are easily replaceable too. Just email us at [supplier name] what you need. We ship the items on the same day through all major shipping services. During checkout, choose the shipping option you need and receive your components quickly – sometimes even overnight. 
  • Please note: International delivery times cannot be guaranteed during the Covid19 global pandemic.
  • Warranty
  • HydroGenie offers a 3-year warranty on the HydroGenie generator. In addition to this, they offer a 1-year warranty on electronic components.
  • If you are unhappy with their product, you can avail of the 60-days no-questions-asked return that HydroGenie offers. Shipping charges must be borne by the customer. 
  • Contact HydroGenie directly to know more. Contact them by email or call and provide the details of your order.


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