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QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator

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  • Product: QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator  
  • Product SKU: WPI-8003
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Brand: QLife Hydrogen Solutions



Want to infuse plain water with hydrogen within minutes to drink up or use for a face rinse or achy feet? You can, with QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator, a portable machine for on-demand hydrogen-rich water. 


How does QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator work?

QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator is a BPA-free flask specially-designed to produce and infuse hydrogen in water. It uses electrolysis to convert the regular water in it into hydrogen water (hint: you can see the hydrogen bubbles in the water). On a full charge, the flask can make hydrogen water up 15 times. Hydrogen-rich water with concentrations of up to 3000 ppb (3.0ppm) is ready in only five minutes. Adding more cycles can increase hydrogen levels to up to 5000 ppb (5.0 ppm). Now that’s super potent hydrogen water for you! 


What are the benefits of using QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator?

Molecular hydrogen is fascinating for the wide range of health benefits it offers. Its role in supporting the body’s immune system and reducing oxidative stress is well-documented. Other benefits include enhancing hydration six times more than water, nutrient absorption of supplements, sleep quality, brain function and more. 

Pro athletes count on hydrogen water for enhanced performance and quick recovery. That said, anyone can make the consumption of hydrogen-rich water a part of their daily lifestyle to enhance their overall well-being. 

QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator transforms water any time you want, including on your gym days and travels, making the protective effects of hydrogen as accessible as possible. It feels as natural as whipping up a post-workout supplement!


Why we endorse QCup Max Hydrogen Water Generator

  • Maximizes H2 concentration while retaining full purity of water
  • Looks and feels like a quality travel flask
  • Sturdy body
  • Back pressuring lid holds water in without spillage
  • Quick charging 



  • BPA-free TRITAN flask material
  • The pressure rating of 6 kg/cm2 of pressure
  • DUAL SPE/PEM Platinum Coated Ion membrane technology
  • Dimensions: Diameter Ø61 ± 1 mm Height 195 ± 2 mm; Weight: 0.7 lbs / 310g
  • Volume: 8 oz / 240 ml
  • 9 Layers SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Membrane Electrode Design 
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours


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