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W&W H2 Relief Hydrogen Soak Tablets

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Qty: 60 Bath tablets per container

A warm water soak soothes a sore body and relaxes your mind. The heat gets your blood flowing, relieving muscle pain and loosening muscle tension. W&W Relief Bath Tablets help maximize the effects of a recovery bath after workouts while also nourishing your skin.


What are H2 Relief Tablets?

H2 Relief Tablets are hydrogen tablets that dissolve in water and infuse it with more hydrogen. The hydrogen-rich water is exactly what your tired muscles need after a strenuous workday or pulled muscles after an intense workout. 


What are the benefits of H2 Relief Tablets?

Hydrogen-water bathing is already a part of pro athletes’ recovery arsenal, and is slowly but surely catching on among health and well-being-focused consumers. Hydrogen water has healthy inflammatory effects that rejuvenate tired muscles and have a healing effect on injury. 

H2 Relief Bath Tablets contain magnesium, the main ingredient in Epsom salt. Magnesium makes it easier for your body to flush out toxins that cause inflammation, and reduce swelling, pain and stiffness. 

What’s more, H2 Relief Bath Tablets create abundant nanobubbles of hydrogen in your bath water. The hydrogen nanobubbles gently penetrate skin pores to improve hydration. Adequate hydration softens wrinkles and fine lines and gives your skin a plump, healthy look. 


Why we endorse W&W H2 Relief Bath Tablets

  • Creates a rich infusion of hydrogen in bathwater
  • Holds large amounts of hydrogen in bathwater
  • Rigorously tested
  • Supports physical and mental well-being 
  • Super easy to use 


Usage tips

  • Sore muscles: 5-10 in a tub full of water
  • For severe pains/sprains/aches: 1 tablet to 1-2 litre of water, and immerse the affected area
  • Muscle relaxation (soothing bath): 5-7 in a full tub
  • Quick muscle relief: 1 tablet per litre of water and immerse the affected area for 15 minutes


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